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Celebrating Lung Cancer Heroes Together

Lung Cancer Heroes®

CURE® takes great pride in organizing the Lung Cancer Heroes® recognition ceremony, a special event dedicated to honoring and celebrating the heroes who have made a significant difference in the lives of lung cancer patients. These individuals, who may include caregivers, advocates, health care professionals, and others, are nominated by patients for their heroic contributions to the lung cancer community or for their impact on the lives of those living with the disease.

In collaboration with our sponsors and advocacy groups, CURE® is bringing together the lung cancer community to fight against the stigma surrounding the disease, and to provide information, support, and empowerment to those who have been affected. With the rapid advancement of science and improvements in care and treatment, there is hope for survivorship.

As a united community, we can raise awareness and, most importantly, honor and celebrate our Lung Cancer Heroes.

Highlights from Lung Cancer Heroes® 2022