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Launched in 2002 for patients with cancer, survivors and their caregivers, CURE® Media Group’s flagship magazine and online resource curetoday.com provide access to leading resources and information that serve as a guide to every stage of the cancer experience. In 2014, MJH Life Sciences™ acquired Cure Media Group, and since then our award-winning editorial and creative teams deliver Cancer Updates, Research, and Education to connect the cancer community and empower individual journeys.

CURE® has become the largest consumer magazine in the United States focused entirely on cancer, and the only one to be an audited member of BPA Worldwide. With a total circulation of 285,000, individual subscribers account for over 140,000 of that figure, with the remainder including cancer centers and advocacy groups around the country. Our dedicated website, curetoday.com, regularly receives over 1 million page views monthly. CURE®’s time-tested approach combines science, humanity and technology to make cancer understandable for patients and their caregivers.



Debu Tripathy, MD

Vice President, Content

Kristie L. Kahl

Associate Editorial Director

Darlene Dobkowski

Senior Editors

Brielle Benyon

Sailaja Darisipudi

Associate Editor

Colleen Moretti

Assistant Editor

Miranda Lankas

Creative Director

Gwen Salas


President, Oncology Specialty Group

Mike Hennessy, Jr.

Senior Vice President, Content

Silas Inman

Vice President of Sales

Erik Lohrmann

Associate Director, Sales

Brittany Hansen


National Accounts Associate

Veronica Boyland


Senior Manager, Strategic Alliance Partnerships

Brooke Weinstein