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The Biomarker Collaborative is a community of biomarker and cancer type support groups dedicated to helping cancer patients live longer and better.

Every cancer patient deserves the support of a support group to help them on their cancer journey. The Biomarker Collaborative’s Point of Diagnosis campaign finds and engages patients dealing with the trauma of a cancer diagnosis.

Our cancer communities are composed of patients with the same exact biomarker and disease. Patients are most comfortable communicating and learning from other patients. These patient support groups have specialized knowledge on cancer treatments, side effects, clinical trials and clinicians that specialize in the patient’s specific cancer and biomarkers. Biomarker centric patient support groups are the gold standard for patient support.

In the future, there we be new biomarkers identified and specialized groups will form around them. Part of the Biomarker Collaboratives mission is to assist in the development of these groups.

The Point of Diagnosis program and others communication programs send patients to the Biomarker Collaborative site where they take a quiz to help them find the right support group. The quiz logic is totally unbiased and picks the best support group(s) based on location, biomarker and type of cancer. For every cancer we show all the biomarker groups, if one exists, then the cancer type support groups. Try it

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