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The Dusty Joy Foundation offers supportive services—education, encouragement, and empowerment—to equip people to tackle the challenges a cancer diagnosis inevitably brings.

Our organization helps meet the needs of cancer patients by connecting them with a community of others with similar experiences, so they know they are not alone. In-person and virtual support groups are an important way to meet this need. Benefits of engaging with others go beyond support to include increased feelings of empowerment, control, and confidence. Patients involved with our groups report a decrease in depression and distress.

When the Dusty Joy Foundation was established in 2010, our mission focused exclusively on lung cancer, the leading cancer killer of women and men in the U.S. and worldwide. In 2021, we expanded our mission to reflect scientific advancements in precision medicine.

Precision medicine not only transforms patient care, it also significantly impacts our advocacy initiatives and activities. We now understand, for example, KRAS accounts for one-third of all cancers, including lung, colorectal, and other cancer types.

Our mission is advancing education, early detection, optimal care, and empathy to people impacted by lung cancer and other cancers triggered by specific biomarkers.

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