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Families with genetic mutations that heighten their risk for disease face many complex and personal decisions including how and when to share such information with their children. In fact, many parents express that they choose to undergo genetic testing to learn whether they have a mutation that could be passed on to their children. Further, these parents may elect to have preventive surgeries and often look for guidance on how to explain this decision to their children as the decision to undergo these procedures impacts the entire family.

We understand that talking to your children about your family's health history can feel overwhelming at times. It is with that understanding that we set out to develop resources that can help you share health information with young children in a way that matches their maturity level with concepts that they can grasp. These communication tools should approach the topic of hereditary risk in a manner that will not create unnecessary worry or anxiety. Our books approach the conversation in stages, help pace the dissemination of information, and help guide the process of when and how to discuss your family's health history.

It is our mission to help you start a conversation with age-appropriate content so that your children can understand risk, establish healthy lifestyle behaviors, and grow into proactive patients.

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