Flower Burst

By Courtney A Mullings Mullings

October 26th, 2022

There is no life without hope. It is said that a person can't live without hope for any length of time. Cancer fighters always need hope for survival. When hit with such a life-ending disaster, those impacted are forced to dig deep to find hope in the most unlikely places. Since being relieved of my day job several years ago because of the debilitating effects of cancer, I have sought many avenues of diversion from the torturing effects of the disease and hope for living. Creative expressions, such as a prolific backyard garden, writing a book about my experiences (MY GOD IT’S CANCER), and oil painting are among the tactics I have employed, as I journey through the experience in faith. I have come to relish spring above all seasons. Spring brings the birth of new lives and growth, particularly with the abundance of flowers bursting in radiance with a profusion of brilliance, colors, and shapes. Their delicate blossoms permeate their surroundings with a potpourri of fragrances, diversity, and styles. So easy on the eye, yet complex in design. By enchantment of these wonders of nature, it’s not unlikely to displace hopelessness and fear, with visions of a beautiful, if but for a moment. Flowers speak life into nature, they show no concern for their short lifespan. Some wilt and die within hours, losing the essence of what defines them. Yet, for the time that God allows them to bloom, they radiate and dance flirtatiously with the breeze, with no worries, nor care. While frolicking and flaunting, their alluring essence naturally entices birds and insects, and even humans, find it difficult to resist the urge to touch, smell and adore this awesome spectacle of creation. They give so much within their short life, incomparable with anything in creation. This painting titled, Flower Burst, is my expression on an 18 x 24-inch oil on canvas that sought to push and contrast the richness and brilliance of colors and textures to accentuate what nature presented. It is my attempt to capture and preserve hope by extending the lives of these flowers in their exuberance. Essentially, it is my vision of hope through Spring flowers beyond April showers.