Hold Space for Hope

By Erin Brazill

October 19th, 2022

Long before I was diagnosed with bone cancer as a young adult, I enjoyed the creative process and making art. Throughout my cancer treatments, I learned to see the transcendent beauty that simple art materials can create while simultaneously providing comfort during times of pain, sadness and grief. The drawings and artwork I created during that time became a visual record of my journey — transforming my fears and challenges into strength and hope. Over the past decade, I have been creating dozens of tiny roll-up beads with messages of inspiration, love and hope written inside each bead. From the hand-painted canvas strips, to the colored yarn, beads, feathers and charms, every bead in this collection is unique. Every bead is created with intention and purpose. Some beads celebrate a milestone — like a clear scan or follow up visit with my oncologist, while other beads are in memory of loved ones — both beloved humans and pets affected by cancer. Just as this bead collection is unique and meaningful, I am a human on a lifetime journey informed by cancer and holding space for hope - one bead at a time.