By Frank and Deborah Porretto

October 19th, 2022

Mediums: Mixed Media including acrylic paint, cardboard, burlap, feathers, embellishments and pen & ink “Fearless” is mixed media composed of a combination of the very different mediums and styles of both my dad and myself resulting in a visually interesting assemblage art piece. This piece features my dad’s stunning leopard pen & ink stipple drawing incorporated into rugged textures and earthly elements. It’s an extremely personal piece for me. It represents determination, courage and love. My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer and in the last months of his life, I promised him that I would show his art to the world. He never had the opportunity to do that. He was way too talented for his work to go unnoticed and unappreciated. My dad inspired me to become the best artist and daughter that I could be. My mom also died of cancer just 11 months prior to my dad. They were together for 60 years. This piece gave me strength to deal with their deaths. It made me stronger and gave me a purpose go on so I could create more art to inspire people going through a difficult time of loss.