Planner Collage

By Jaime Cunningham

October 2nd, 2022

I am amazed my the amount of artistry and talent that men and women have used to channel, share or inspire others along their cancer walk. I do not have walls decorated in such pieces. My husband is an art teacher…and well that was not something I have learned yet. But I immediately thought of my date book for last year. When I untie the ribbon, all of the pictures, cards, special keepsakes to help me remember the good times scatter on my desk. This book has gone with me to every appointment, hospital stay, family function and vacation. It is an extension of my brain and heart. But the contents are not what I am sharing with you for your contest. I wanted to share the cover. This is a Hobonichi Techno Cousin yearly planner. I made a collage out of snippets that were close to my heart, stickers, magazine clipables etc. The mama bear references, the butterfly that was colored by my son, Garrett. He is 15, has the best heart and lives with autism, anxiety and ADHD. These remind me that no matter what I am his hero, champion and advocate. These along with as positive words or affirmations that I needed to rejoice in the day, good or bad. I should never stop looking for the strength to get through the setbacks and hardship that come with battling (for over nine years) stage 3 breast cancer, double mastectomy, radiation, hormone therapy, physical therapy, chemo brain and next week I face the left side of a flap surgery on my left breast to repair scar tissue and range of motion. I am a lady of faith that believes God has a plan for my life. I want to be an inspiration for those who need a reason to believe and positive thoughts to put them, like myself, in positive mindsets to face the day.