Breast Cancer Fellowship

By Patricia Butler-Cefalo

October 13th, 2022

I used the program Inkscape to create the design When we are diagnosed with cancer, we involuntarily join a group of people with similar experiences. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I joined the “Breast Cancer Sorority.” The picture represents my joining of the “sorority.” I decided to use the term “fellowship” as men can get breast cancer too. The graphic represents the treatments I received: chemo, surgery, and radiation along with my transformation. I included the breast cancer ribbon at the center of the graphic. The infusion represents chemotherapy, which was the “devil.” The person represents breast surgery. The last stage of treatment was radiation, represented by the person in the radiation machine. The butterfly represents my metamorphosis from life before cancer diagnosis, through life during treatments, and to life after them. My transformation on my long-haul journey and living with the undercurrent of recurrence.