By Ronald R. Fichthorn

October 13th, 2022

I graduated from one of the finest design schools in 1978 with my art and design winning awards and appearing all over the world for close to 30 years. Then my successful life imploded and crashed without a sound when it was confirmed that I have a brain cancer tumor and the prognosis is my life will end in three months to three years. So, on Ground Hogs Day, Feb. 2nd 2007 at 5:31 a.m. I began what is now a 15-year adventure. I lost coordinated function of my right side due to this tumor in the left temporal area of my brain and also CNS non-Hodgkin type “B” lymphoma ravaging my body. I survived four brain surgeries with many mistakes, an exploratory lung biopsy, and the toxic cocktail of an aggressive chemotherapy. Toss in the implosion of a marriage of 28 years and everything I ever worked for put on the block. Dark times are an understatement. Despite years of trials and tribulations I regain function of my right side and my creative side has blossomed with encouragement and support of my family, and my neuro team. I’m approaching my sixteenth year of survivorship and have created over eighty artworks in multiple forms of media. The watercolor artwork I present to you is titled “Olivia”. The woman presented is a model that reminded me of one of my neuro-oncology nurses.