Another Seraph Dream

By Jacqueline Nalls

September 15th, 2017

This is one work in a series I've created based on my own dreams. During sleep the brain attempts to construct a new reality from the vestiges of disparate visual inputs collected throughout waking hours. This series attempts to capture, explore and extrapolate these imagined landscapes, and I try to depict them in my abstract work. A Seraph is a member of the highest order of angels and in the piece an angel can be seen with a halo. I believe I had an angel with me as I went through my cancer journey and I came out triumphant. Because I kept a journal during my cancer journey, I have vivid memories of some of my thoughts and concerns. My mantra was "No Fear ~ Just Faith" which carried me through it all. Here, I show an angel who protected me, and therefore, I'm a survivor rather than a memory.