New options for breast cancer radiation

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The current issue leads with a story about radiation treatment for women with breast cancer. The study, which appeared in Lancet Oncology, reported on data from more than 2,000 women who were randomly assigned to receive the international standard regimen of adjuvant radiation or one of two hypofractionated regimens, either less radiation over the same five-week period as standard, or more radiation over a three-week period.

Women who received lower doses of radiation had better skin appearance after five years than either of the two groups who got the higher doses. And patients who received hypofractionated radiation reported a similar quality of life to those who had received the standard regimen.

Other stories in the bulletin look at new findings for advanced kidney cancer, personalizing biomarkers for cancer, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, and the issues around preventing childhood cancer by reducing childhood obesity. Every issue has the latest findings from major scientific journals, in-depth articles, special reports, clinical trial information, legislative updates, and federal agency news.

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