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Dance like no one is watching

BY Guest
PUBLISHED February 24, 2013
Last night was the dance party at C4YW. In my opinion it is the pinnacle of the conference. We survivors can be a very emotional group, often laughing and crying simultaneously. At this dance party, we kick the crying to the curb. The energy that fills the ballroom is like nothing I've felt anywhere else. Every year I look forward to filling my spiritual tank full of it. It is a celebration of us. And by golly we deserve to celebrate! If ever there was a time when a room full of women were truly "dancing like no one is watching," this is the place. CURE invited Lori Toombs to share her experience at the C4YW (conference for young women affected by breast cancer) being held in Seattle this weekend. The conference is sponsored by Young Survival Coalition and Living Beyond Breast Cancer.
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