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Doris Cardwell

Doris Cardwell received a life-changing diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer in 2007. While undergoing treatment, she co-founded a mentor program for the cancer center treating her. She also created community events to educate, encourage and empower people regarding cancer. Doris was the first Survivorship Community Outreach Liaison for her local cancer center. She is an advocate, educator and encourager on issues facing cancer survivors. Doris is a wife, mother, empty nester, survivor of life and lover of all things coffee. An avid speaker and blogger, she is available at www.justdoris.com.
Doris Cardwell
Do parts of being in a pandemic feel familiar to you? Yet you have never been in one before? One cancer survivor suggests that's because those who have been on the cancer journey have experienced this before. 
Doris Cardwell
One survivor shares three things that helped her find a sense of control in the chaos that a cancer diagnosis can bring.
Doris Cardwell
Cancer, like many things in history, can be an unexpected landmark in our lives. With it can come crushing fear. If you feel that, even years after that moment in time, you are not alone.
Doris Cardwell
"All cancers deserve the attention that breast cancer gets in October. To my brothers and sisters with 'non-pink' cancer and other diseases: it does not mean we don't care."
Doris Cardwell
Cancer can bring others to love into our lives. This can be costly, but I choose to believe it is worth it.
Doris Cardwell
October is upon us. That means much of our world can turn pink. Pink shirts, shoes, bags, jewelry, hair... I could go on. Many people buy items to support breast cancer education and research. Educating yourself as to where your money goes can be important.
Doris Cardwell
We all have stress in our lives that takes many different shapes and forms. Giving space to each other to feel, to grieve and to vent is part of community. It's part of friendship, family and faith that we are all in this thing called life together.
Doris Cardwell
There is value in information being shared from survivor to survivor. Many health issues may be common, but you can feel alone if you are not aware of them. A well-moderated online support group may be a great place to gain knowledge and comfort.
Doris Cardwell
Many survivors face times of worry and anxiety. An upcoming appointment, a scan, a new lump, bump or spot can all be triggers for feeling intense anxiety. Here are three simple tools from a fellow survivor to help cope in those times.
Doris Cardwell
Cancer can both open and close doors. It can make life feel crowded and foreign. It can bring out both the best and the worst in people, much like being on a crowded elevator can. As it creates space in our life it can also push us out of our comfort zones but it doesn't change who we are.

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