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Doris Cardwell

Doris Cardwell received a life-changing diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer in 2007. While undergoing treatment, she co-founded a mentor program for the cancer center treating her. She also created community events to educate, encourage and empower people regarding cancer. Doris was the first Survivorship Community Outreach Liaison for her local cancer center. She is an advocate, educator and encourager on issues facing cancer survivors. Doris is a wife, mother, empty nester, survivor of life and lover of all things coffee. An avid speaker and blogger, she is available at
Doris Cardwell
I have not always been good at respecting others differences. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is one of those times we may all handle life in a different way. My experience taught me a deeper respect for how we process challenges.
Doris Cardwell
Sometimes every little bump or bruise can make me feel terrified of what it might be. Understanding how my brain is wired helps me to fight being overcome with the fear of recurrence.
Doris Cardwell
Losing my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes didn't change who I was. It didn't change they people who loved me. Thanks to bright colors and make up, people told me all the time that I looked great.
Doris Cardwell
My experience with inflammatory breast cancer has been both wonderful and weird, even at the same time.
Doris Cardwell
In my mind, I believed the "new normal" I heard people speak of to be something I would just walk right into after treatment. I was not prepared for post treatment pain issues.
Doris Cardwell
I am forever thankful for the care I received from my oncology care team. But I am also often frustrated by lack of knowledge for late-term effects resulting from that care.
Doris Cardwell
Many people don't realize they are putting pressure on those walking though cancer to keep a good attitude. There are days we all need to be able to acknowledge that it can be difficult.
Doris Cardwell
As a cancer survivor, reading some information brings an uneasy feeling.
Doris Cardwell
Throughout our cancer journey there will be many losses. There will also be some gifts. Focusing on the gifts in times of sadness may help us process pain.
Doris Cardwell
How does someone who is adopted put together the pieces of their genetic puzzle, especially after a cancer diagnosis?

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