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Additional Chemo

Although now in remission, Ed has agreed with the oncologist, to take two more rounds of chemo in hopes he might not have another relapse.
John, Ed’s friend, neighbor and sometimes caregiver was now in the final stages of liver cancer, and Ed wanted to visit him. John was at home in hospice care. Ed would go visit John after one more day of chemo and two more days of insomnia. It seemed to Ed as if he had reached a point in chemo where he was never energetic as he was accustomed to and generally felt uncomfortable allover his body. Fatigue ruled Ed's life.  

When John was in chemo last, Ed told him how when he finished chemo the first time and had gone into remission he had ordered “Fairytale Brownies” for the nurses and staff. After that, John brought two or three dozen doughnuts with him every day he was in chemo. John never needed for Ed to reciprocate as a caregiver, his wife was always available. Both of them were retired. John always said he only liked two kinds of pie and when asked what kind they were, the answer was “hot and cold.” Ed picked up on that and said he liked three kinds of pie. John said what are they? Ed responded “hot, cold and round.” Ed did introduce John to a favorite of his, chocolate meringue pie. Ed brought one to him and said “It is ROUND and tastes good HOT or COLD.”

A few days later, John and his wife went and bought another chocolate meringue pie. Sometimes Ed and John would share a can of sardines or oysters or kippered herring snacks with crackers and iced tea.  

Since the beginning of John’s stomach cancer two years ago, Ed tried to keep John’s spirits up, to give him hope and desire to conquer cancer. John survived the stomach cancer, but three months later developed liver cancer.  

Stay strong.  

Have faith.  

Trust God.

Keep believing.  

Never lose hope.  


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Edward D. McClain retired from the U. S. Department of Commerce in 1995 and has been living in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, since 1996. Ed likes to work for his church, hunt, fish and collect rare firearms. He enjoys professional football, cooking shows and action TV shows/films but will not watch game shows nor talk shows. Ed is a two-time survivor of CLL, by the Grace of God.
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