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Felicia Mitchell

Felicia Mitchell is a poet and writer who makes her home in southwestern Virginia, where she teaches at Emory & Henry College. She was diagnosed with Stage 2b HER2-positive breast cancer in 2010. Website: www.feliciamitchell.net
Felicia Mitchell
The mammogram can be an emotional roller coaster for any person. After you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, even good results can tap into deep emotions.
Felicia Mitchell
Pinktober heralds the arrival of so much pink that some of us run screaming from the sight of it, despite the good intentions of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As I explain how I have made my peace with pink, you might feel better about your own choices.
Felicia Mitchell
What comfort can you offer when somebody tells you she or he has cancer or, more challenging, that cancer has returned or spread? 
Felicia Mitchell
Perhaps the last thing anybody wants to think about during chemo is a sewer system. If you live in a rural area, however, getting advice about how to pamper your septic system can be helpful.
Felicia Mitchell
When life deals you the cancer card, make your own deck with special role models to help you remember how strong a person with cancer can be. Sometimes little reminders to ourselves in our best handwriting can help us through a rough patch.
Felicia Mitchell
Creating a medical family tree is helpful. If cancer is common, noting which branches include it can help inform decisions.
Felicia Mitchell
While we are more than the sum of our genes, genetic information is useful as we contemplate health issues, including cancer.
Felicia Mitchell
As we survive cancer, people often turn to us for advice. Listening mindfully as we also share personal tips can help others in their cancer journeys. The list of tips can only grow from survivor to survivor. What do you have to share?
Felicia Mitchell
Sometimes breast cancer invites us to look closely at our own bodies the way we might look at famous nudes. Creating visual art can be therapeutic, whether it involves photography or digital. Watercolors, sketches and collages could be empowering, too.
Felicia Mitchell
Even if being asymmetrical or flat is a valid choice for women who have undergone mastectomies, and that is how I usually feel best, there are no rules that say we should not wear a prosthetic bra now and then, or every single day, if it makes us smile or forget for a fleeting second that cancer can be disfiguring. There is no reason to feel self-conscious.

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