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Jane Biehl PhD

Jane has earned three advanced degrees and had several fulfilling careers as a librarian, rehabilitation counselor and college teacher. Presently she does freelance writing. Her articles include the subjects of hearing loss and deafness, service dogs and struggling with cancer. She has been a cancer survivor since 2010.

She has myelodysplastic syndrome, which is rare, and would love to communicate with others who have MDS.
Jane Biehl PhD
A survivor talks about leaving the gate open and racing out of it when diagnosed with cancer.
Jane Biehl PhD
Family is vital during the cancer journey, but family is not just made of legal and blood relatives, but the friends we make along the way as well. 
Jane Biehl PhD
As a cancer survivor or patient with cancer, being honest about feeling cranky some days and knowing it is being human is important to the journey.
Jane Biehl PhD
It's the often-overlooked little details that make the most impact on a patient's trip to the cancer center.
Jane Biehl PhD
A heartwarming story reminds one cancer survivor about the good people in the world that sometimes feels overwhelmingly negative.
Jane Biehl PhD
A cancer survivor often contemplates which is the lesser of two evils – cancer or treatment?
Jane Biehl PhD
A cancer survivor laments not getting more done until she realizes she just moves slower, and that's ok. As long as you don't stop.
Jane Biehl PhD
A cancer survivor urges all of us to express our concerns, and assist each other through our individual and collective voices.
Jane Biehl PhD
A cancer survivor talks about the side effects of cancer and chemo few people truly understand.
Sometimes the imperfections in life can bring an unexpected beauty. A famous mystery author explores this idea.

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