Are You a Connected Cancer Patient? Tell the President's Cancer Panel What You Think!

The President's Cancer Panel is looking for ways to improve connected health for cancer patients. What are your recommendations?
PUBLISHED July 06, 2015
Janet Freeman-Daily is a writer, speaker, science geek and epatient with metastatic lung cancer. She uses her systems engineering background to translate the experience and science of lung cancer treatment and research into language other patients can understand. She comoderates the Lung Cancer Social Media (#LSCM) Chat on Twitter and blogs at
The President's Cancer Panel is looking for ways to improve connected health for cancer patients. What are your recommendations?

Like many cancer patients, you are part of connected health: By reading this blog, you are using technology like the Internet, computers and smartphones to access information about a disease or patient experience.

This year the President’s Cancer Panel workshop series is addressing various aspects of connected health. Their third workshop on July 9, titled The Connected Cancer Patient: Vision for the Future and Recommendations for Action, will be open to the public (see agenda and attendees).

Cancer patient advocates Corrie Painter, Stacey Tinianov and I will be participating in the July President’s Cancer Panel Workshop. To help gather input for the event, we will be guests on the Healthcare Leadership (#hcldr) tweetchat Tuesday, July 7, at 8:30 p.m. EDT. The questions we will be addressing are:
  • T1 What are critical unmet health care needs among patients and families that could be addressed with connected health approaches?
  • T2 How could connected health approaches promote patient activation and engagement, particularly in cancer?
  • T3 How can engaged patient communities be encouraged to contribute to health system reform? How might their role be formalized?
  • T4 What communication tools would help patients be more engaged in their care?
You can read more about the chat and connected cancer patients on the hcldr blog at The Connected Cancer Patient: Future Vision and Recommendations. There's a primer on participating in tweetchats on the #LCSM Chat website (just substitute the hashtag #hcldr for #lcsm in the instructions). I hope you’ll join us!

You can also leave your comments here. I will bring any comments left by 10 p.m. EDT July 8 with me to the workshop as input for the session.
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