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Jen Sotham

Jen Sotham is a freelance journalist and screenwriter/director. She was working as a university professor in Busan, South Korea, where she lived for almost a decade, when she was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in 2014. Still doing battle with the beast, Jen has since returned to New York, where she has been using her voice to share her story through film, essays and her blog,
Jen Sotham
A cancer diagnosis robs us of many things. For an avid traveler, its like a bird being trapped in a cage.
Jen Sotham
A cancer diagnosis and treatment can take over your whole world. Here are a few ways to reclaim parts of your life and ease some of the emotional stress that cancer brings.
Jen Sotham
Cancer not only wages war on our bodies, but also our relationships with food. Are cancer-fighting diets really the answer?
Jen Sotham
What happens when you get "used" to having late-stage cancer?
Jen Sotham
All is NOT fair in love and war
Jen Sotham
How and why I've chosen to live my cancer in the public eye.
Jen Sotham
A cancer diagnosis comes served up with a slew of side effects. While many can be anticipated and managed, some cannot. They can crop up unexpectedly and take up residence indefinitely.
Jen Sotham
Because cancer is an invisible disease, most patients can keep it under wraps when out in public, but there are some instances when we need to play 'the cancer card.'
Jen Sotham
When a cancer diagnosis requires a lifestyle overhaul, it's important to recognize the gifts this forced transition brings.
Jen Sotham
The facts and figures of what the trajectory of a melanoma diagnosis looks like.

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