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Kelly Irvin

Kelly Irvin is a multi-published novelist and former newspaper reporter who worked in public relations for more than 20 years. She retired from her day job in 2016 after being diagnosed with primary lateral sclerosis, a degenerative motor neuron disease, and stage 4 ovarian cancer. She spends her days writing and loving her family.
Kelly Irvin
Some patients refer to this as their cancerversary. With two years in the rear-view mirror, I’m calling it my Everything-From-Here-On-Out-Is-Gravy Day.
Kelly Irvin
Let's recognize time as the gift it is, and chart a course for making 2018 really count.
Kelly Irvin
Should I be planning big, celebratory trips or my funeral? My fears may not be rational, but they're real.
Kelly Irvin
No matter how cancer makes you look, you’re still you—a better you.
Kelly Irvin
People with cancer have to gear up for the emotional and mental workout of dealing with insurance. Here are some tips for coping.
Kelly Irvin
For patients with metastatic cancer, NED times are often overshadowed by their lurking disease waiting to pounce and return. Here are some thoughts on living life passionately, both during treatment and while NED
Kelly Irvin
Ovarian cancer is a hard taskmaster, but cancer teaches us important life, faith and family lessons
Kelly Irvin
Cancer treatment may seem to involve a mysterious, unfathomable foreign language, but there are ways to improve those lines of communication.
Kelly Irvin
Losing their hair is one more way that cancer makes patients feel they've lost control over their bodies. It's not just physical, it's personal. Here are some tips for what to say.
Kelly Irvin
I see myself as a cancer ninja. Other cancer patients might prefer a gentler word. Either way, words are important and the choice should be ours.

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