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Khevin Barnes

Khevin Barnes is a Male Breast Cancer survivor, magician and speaker. He is currently writing, composing and producing a comedy stage musical about Male Breast Cancer Awareness. He travels wherever he is invited to speak to (and do a little magic for) men and women about breast cancer. www.BreastCancerSpeaker.com www.MaleBreastCancerSurvivor.com
Khevin Barnes
Five words changed my life forever.
Khevin Barnes
Your body is smarter than you can imagine, offering messages all the time.
Khevin Barnes
A male breast cancer survivor learns the true meaning of the word "advocate."
Khevin Barnes
A guy with a rare form of cancer ponders the significance of being obscure.
Khevin Barnes
Those of us who live with cancer don't just hope for the good reports, clear scans or positive lab results.
Khevin Barnes
Don't sweat the small stuff, but don't miss those simple moments either.
Khevin Barnes
Breast cancer affects both men and women, yet there continues to be a "separation of power" when it comes to research and development of the methods by which to treat breast cancer. I think the greatest hope for men to come out of the shadow of breast cancer in a very pink world is through the support of women.
Khevin Barnes
Mindfulness and meditation for the masses. What does this mean to those of us with a life-threatening disease?
Khevin Barnes
A male breast cancer survivor shares a note of gratitude to his surgeon.
Khevin Barnes
Why are men more likely to discover their breast cancer later than women?

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