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Kim Johnson

Kim is a nursing student who is hoping to find her place amongst the phenomenal oncology nurses and doctors who cared for her sister. She loves reading, volunteering and enjoying the outdoors of Colorado.
Kim Johnson
Focusing on the "and" instead of the rest
Kim Johnson
When dealing with cancer, it's important to know your limits and be OK with them, to focus on the good.
Kim Johnson
You are one person before the diagnosis comes, you are another person during the journey and you are different person when remission is gained. That is not to say that certain pieces of you don't remain, but I feel it nearly impossible to go through this journey unchanged.
Kim Johnson
In spending so many hours online, I came to see that much of what I was reading was opinions and, in fact, not facts at all.
Kim Johnson
Communication between health care professionals and institutions can be vital to ensure the best treatment possible.
Kim Johnson
Learning more about those who work for pharmaceutical companies can be an eye-opening experience.
Kim Johnson
And no matter how isolating cancer can be for some patients, they need to know that they are not alone. An entire world of resources is out there, but without somebody to guide those affected by cancer, they may never know of this world.
Kim Johnson
This week, I'm celebrating all the new graduates, including myself.
Kim Johnson
I learned a lot during my time as a caregiver, and plan to carry that over in my career as an oncology nurse.
Kim Johnson
It is important that adolescents and young adults with cancer reach out and seek support when they need it.

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