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Sarah DeBord

Sarah DeBord was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer at age 34. In the years since, she has turned her diagnosis into a calling, and become an advocate for other young adults diagnosed with colorectal cancer and parents with young families facing cancer. She works as a communications and program manager for the Minneapolis-based Colon Cancer Coalition , volunteers her time with the online patient-led support community COLONTOWN , and blogs about her often adventurous experiences of living with chronic cancer at ColonCancerChick.com.
Sarah DeBord
Being a patient advocate comes in many forms, and not all of them require you to get out of bed to storm the halls of Washington.
Sarah DeBord
My son was visibly proud to show me off to his class that day, and I was secretly proud to send his classmates home to talk about poop at the dinner table.
Sarah DeBord
Advice for the inoperable facing a lifetime of treatment.
Sarah DeBord
Choosing to connect with other patients doesn't come without loss, but the benefit of being empowered by others makes you a better patient and more impassioned survivor.
Sarah DeBord
Fighting cancer is hard, but fighting it when you have to bring your kids along for the ride makes it even harder.
Sarah DeBord
Getting a third opinion probably didn't save my life, but it definitely bought me more time.
Sarah DeBord
Dating after cancer can be scary, but dating with cancer can be down right daunting.
Sarah DeBord
By treating the patient as a whole, we ensure the common gaps in care do not get overlooked and the burden of cancer is reduced.
Sarah DeBord
Cancer would alter the course of my life, but first it would alter the course of my marriage.
Sarah DeBord
As a parent facing cancer, we just want to know that our children will emerge on the other side of our diagnosis and be alright.

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