Lorelei Colbert

Lorelei Colbert is an award-winning advocate, speaker and creator. At 28 years old, Lorelei was newly married and diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer shortly after. As she battled, she created the Chemo to Kindness℠ Challenge that inspired more than 1,700 acts of kindness and impacted more than 75 organizations worldwide. Now a survivor, her leadership work has been recognized by advocacy and industry groups as she continues to shed a light on breast cancer awareness in young women and the importance of advocating for yourself.

We Need To Talk About Cancer and Breast Health Before Age 40

June 20th 2022

People are always shocked when I tell them I am a breast cancer survivor, highlighting the need to discuss the fact that people under the age of 40 can be diagnosed, too.

There’s No Denying Cancer Survivorship Is Hard, But We Can Get Through It

March 21st 2022

During my treatment for triple-negative breast cancer, there was a plan for every situation, but once I entered survivorship, I was in uncharted territory.

Combatting Chemo with Kindness While Facing TNBC at the Age of 28

February 24th 2022

The 16-week challenge was simple: do something kind each week during my chemo treatment and tell me about it on social media. The goal was ambitious: 1,600 acts.

‘Make an Impact and Seize the Day’ Says Cancer Survivor Who Launched Kindness Challenge

January 21st 2022

Lorelei Colbert was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer at 28 and used her experience to launch the “Chemo to Kindness” challenge that inspired others around the world to do acts of good.

How One Patient With Cancer is Paying it Forward From ‘Chemo to Kindness’

January 28th 2021

In this episode of the “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast, we spoke with a patient who is receiving treatment for grade 3 triple-negative breast cancer. We talk about how a nurse’s question during a routine physical “saved her life”, and a kindness challenge she started to help lift her up during the dark days of treatment.