Michelle Velez

At the age of 38, Michelle Velez, a Las Vegas news anchor and married mother of two, developed a rare form of cancer caused by her third pregnancy. The pregnancy, which was not viable, was diagnosed as an "invasive molar pregnancy." The condition occurs when invasive placental tissue multiplies and fills the uterus. In Michelle's case, the tissue developed into cancer and metastasized. She was diagnosed as stage 4 and immediately had to start an aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

Michelle underwent 16 weeks of chemotherapy and documented every moment on her social media platforms. Eight months after her diagnosis, she was declared cancer free. She never returned back to work, and now stays home to raise her two young children.

Michelle is very candid about her cancer journey, and uses social media to give the world a glimpse into the reality of life with cancer. Michelle says although she'll never fully understand why this happened to her, she believes sharing her journey and educating people about her very rare condition is her purpose for surviving.