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Factors That Determine the Right Lung Cancer Treatment

Many patients with lung cancer have heard terms like "targeted therapy" or have had mutation testing done to help determine whether they have an "actionable driver mutation." This video series with lung cancer experts Edward S. Kim, MD and Mark A. Socinski, MD, was produced to educate our viewers on mutation testing, lung cancer treatment options, and on what to expect in the clinic.
Episode 1 Major Subtypes of NSCLC
Edward S. Kim, MD, and Mark A. Socinski, MD, explain how small cell and non-small-cell lung cancer differ and highlight the 3 major subtypes of non-small-cell lung cancer.
Episode 2 What Your Doctor Needs to Know
Episode 3 Important Mutations in Lung Cancer
Episode 4 Mutations and Targeted Therapy in Lung Cancer
Episode 5 Questions to Ask Your Lung Cancer Doctor
Episode 6 I Have Lung Cancer but no Mutation
Episode 7 Chemotherapy in Lung Cancer
Episode 8 Drugs That Target Tumor Blood Vessels in Lung Cancer
Episode 9 Considerations When Deciding on a Lung Cancer Treatment
Episode 10 What to Expect in the Lung Cancer Clinic
Episode 11 Living with Lung Cancer

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