Everything You Need to Know About Colorectal Cancer Screening

While many fear the idea of undergoing a colonoscopy, the procedure is the most effective way to prevent colorectal cancer. If detected early, this cancer is one of the easier to defeat.

To emphasize the value for screening in colorectal cancer and to guide patients through a colonoscopy, this video series features the insight of professionals in gastroenterology about "need to know" information on the risks of developing colorectal cancer, how to prepare for a colonoscopy, what to expect following the procedure, and where patients can seek support and resources related to colorectal cancer and screening.
Episode 1 Why You Should Be Screened for CRC
Episode 2 Why Catching Cancer Early Matters
Episode 3 Who Should Be Screened for CRC?
Episode 4 Top Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening
Episode 5 About the Colonoscopy
Episode 6 No Reason to Fear a Colonoscopy
Episode 7 A Colonoscopy Shouldn't Be Avoided
Episode 8 What the Colonoscopy Prep Is Really Like
Episode 9 Tips for a Better Colonoscopy Prep
Episode 10 On the Day of the Colonoscopy Procedure
Episode 11 After the Colonoscopy Procedure
Episode 12 The Colon Cancer Alliance
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