Letters from Our Readers

Readers respond to past CURE articles on living with mesothelioma, hospice, beating bladder cancer, lung cancer, and response to CURE's 2007 Cancer Resource Guide.


. . . . .

What a wonderful idea! As an 11-year breast cancer survivor, I know so many newly diagnosed cancer patients can benefit from such a publication. Kudos to you for your efforts!

Marilyn McWilliams

Portland, Ore.

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I just received the new 2007 Cancer Resource Guide and love the size. I hope this is the size for every issue from now on. I want to thank you for your magazine. I have read it ever since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. You do a great job informing many about this dreaded disease. Hopefully, soon, there will be cures.

Carole Bretscher

Bellbrook, Ohio

Our regular quarterly issues will continue to be the larger size, but our aim with the smaller size of the guide was to give readers a handy, user-friendly publication that could be easily carried to doctors’ appointments or support group meetings—maybe even added to your book collection. But however and wherever it’s used, we wanted the guide to be functional, so thanks for letting us know it was successful. —Editors

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I am a five-year breast cancer survivor and a 10-year colon cancer survivor, and always look forward to your publication. The content is so cutting edge, yet written in such an understandable way for those of us that are only in the medical field by way of experience. The Cancer Resource Guide was especially well rounded. There was something for everyone no matter what the stage of treatment. I needed to quickly finish the issue, as a friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer this past week. From the first few pages of the resource guide, I knew that it was the perfect reference for her.

Judy Nachowitz

Ridgefield, Conn.

. . . . .

Being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and thyroid cancer in 2006, I have gone through treatment for both and some pretty rough times. I discovered CURE at one of my follow-up mammograms, took advantage of the free subscription and have since read every issue. I have learned something from every issue and the online information. I just finished reading the Cancer Resource Guide from cover to cover and have to compliment you on this issue. It was not only full of great articles but all were easy to understand.

Barbara Runyon

Yorkville, Ill.

. . . . .

I am grateful for your efforts in helping to raise awareness of mesothelioma in the Fall 2006 issue, and of the efforts researchers are making to find treatments and ultimately a cure for this asbestos-related cancer. Because mesothelioma has been considered a rare cancer, it is imperative that patients find the information they need to give them hope and treatment options from experts in the field. I was diagnosed four years ago and have participated in three clinical trials to date. I credit those novel treatments from informed physicians with the good quality of life I enjoy today. To this end, I urge you to add information about the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (www.marf.org) to the Toolbox section of your 2008 Cancer Resource Guide.

Mary Cosentino

Western Springs, Ill.

Due to space constraints, we were unable to include all of our Toolbox resources in the 2007 Cancer Resource Guide. —Editors

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