CURE® Fall 2021

Leptomeningeal Disease: A Rare Cancer Metastasis

March 02, 2022

The number of people developing leptomeningeal disease is increasing for the same reason that diagnoses of brain metastases are on the rise: People are living longer, giving cancer more time to spread.

Love Lost: The Effects of Cancer on Marriage and Relationships

October 28, 2021


Although being in a close relationship during the cancer journey can dramatically improve outcomes, the stress of treatment and the diagnosis itself can take a toll on couples, sometimes in a negative way.

Keeping Hope in Your Back Pocket as a Patient With Cancer

October 25, 2021

From the Chairman

When a patient’s disease stops responding, doctors can usually offer patients several options for a next treatment that will accommodate the patient’s needs and goals, or patients can consider a clinical trial.

The Myeloma Nurse Who Climbed a Mountain to Connect With Her Patients

October 22, 2021


Myeloma survivors, their loved ones and clinicians trekked up the Alaska-Kenai Peninsula to raise money and funds for the disease, offering one nurse the inspiration she needed after more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

'The Future is Promising' For The Treatment of a Subtype of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

October 18, 2021

Research News and Updates

More selective BTK inhibitors like Brukinsa may give patients with mantle cell lymphoma who progressed on prior therapies another option with potentially fewer and more manageable side effects.

Cancer Researchers Are Expanding Options for Brain Metastases

October 14, 2021

Editor's Page

Brain metastases are a pattern of spread we are seeing more for many tumor types as patients are living longer with metastatic cancer and we more readily use an array of brain imaging technologies when needed.