Genitourinary Cancers Special Issue | CURE

On the Side: An Overview of Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

September 27, 2016

Side Note

With a variety of treatment options for prostate cancer also comes a variety of side effects. Here is a list of potential side effects to discuss with your doctor when deciding on a treatment plan.

Another Reason for Excitement About Cancer Immunotherapy

September 23, 2016

From the Chairman

In discussions of cancer these days, there may be no word mentioned more often than “immunotherapy,” and bladder cancer provides us with an excellent example of why this strategy is so important, writes our chairman and CEO, Mike Hennessy, Sr.

Prioritizing Clinical Trials Led to New Therapies for Kidney Cancer

September 23, 2016

Editor's Page

Ten years ago, patients with advanced RCC had very few treatment options, yet today, there are multiple therapeutic strategies and more in the pipeline for this not-very-common tumor type, writes our editor-in-chief, Debu Tripathy.