CURE® Lung Cancer 2021 Special Issue

The Different Roads of Lung Cancer

May 03, 2021

From the Chairman

We all handle things differently, look at things differently and understand differently, meaning that the journey of each patient with cancer is unique. But there are always similarities among the symptoms, risks and treatments.

Quelling COVID-19 and Cancer Fears

April 25, 2021

Food for Thought

As part of its “Speaking Out” video series, CURE® spoke with Katie Brown from LUNGevity about challenges that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic — including delays in screening — and resources to help patients through these trying times.

Offering Hope in the Lung Cancer Community

April 24, 2021


In partnership with CURE®, Bonnie J. Addario and the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer will release “The Living Room: A Lung Cancer Community of Courage,” a collection of stories from patients, caregivers and survivors taking a personal approach to cancer care.

Cell-Based Therapies May ‘Level the Playing Field’ in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

April 20, 2021


Even with all the recent advances in targeted therapies and immunotherapy drugs, patients with non-small cell lung cancer still need more treatment options. Although it’s early, cell-based therapies have shown some promise, with more research underway.

Newly-Approved Lorbrena Shows Better Responses in Patients With Brain Metastases

March 31, 2021

The FDA recently approved an expanded indication for Lorbrena as a first-line treatment option for a subset of lung cancer that has spread to the brain. Compared to previously-approved options, experts say Lorbrena is more effective.