Spring 2019 | CURE

Choosing Sides: Treatment Decisions for Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Must Consider Side Effects

May 30, 2019


Patients with ovarian cancer who experience disease recurrences can have potentially helpful options from a large array of drugs, each of which can bring on side effects. Luckily, doctors have a variety of ways to relieve or prevent these discomforts. At the same time, scientists are working to develop new treatments that may be both efficacious and easier for patients to tolerate.

National Drop in Cancer Deaths Is Encouraging, but Inconsistent, as Improvements in Rural Areas Lag

May 28, 2019

House Call

The rate of cancer deaths has declined 27% in 25 years, but when it comes to cancers that can be effectively detected early, such as lung, cervical and colorectal, the outcomes for individuals in rural communities around the country are much worse than for those who live in more urban settings.

Despite Her Unique 'Previvorship' Experience, One Woman Shares Universal Truths

May 22, 2019

From the Chairman

"We hope that this array of articles, while offering comprehensive information about cutting-edge treatments, will also serve as a reminder of the shared experience of those in the cancer community and the sense of connection it can bring," said Chairman and CEO, Mike Hennessy, Sr.