Summer 2015 | CURE

Healing in the Key of C: Joy in Music for Cancer Survivors

August 27, 2015


The discord of our cancer is only a wrong note in our expression of the score of life. And I believe that, with due diligence and conscious camaraderie with our own bodies, we can live in harmony once more.

Keeping the World in World-Class Cancer Care

August 25, 2015

From the Chairman

A cancer diagnosis can be perceived as a demarcation line, dividing life into a "before" period filled with all that's familiar and an "after" period clouded by the murky unknown.

Patients Unable to Work May Qualify for Disability Benefits

August 21, 2015

Speaking Out

If you've been diagnosed with cancer, cannot work due to your symptoms and expect to remain in that situation for more than 12 months, the Social Security Administration may be able to offer you disability benefits.