Summer 2019 | CURE

Taking on Pancreatic Cancer

August 27, 2019

Speaking Out

Aptly known as the world’s toughest cancer, pancreatic cancer's destruction often delivers a feeling of hopelessness for patients and their families, with late detection further complicating matters.

Our Sisters' Keepers

August 23, 2019

Letters from Our Readers

Everything about the words “breast cancer” is dark, sad and scary. When you add “metastatic” (stage 4) to those words, there comes an uncontrollable fear that encompasses the mind. To help people cope with this, four African American women started on a journey to educate women of color about the effects and importance of understanding breast cancer.

To Improve Quality of Life and Health Outcomes, Seek Supportive Care

August 22, 2019

From the Chairman

When cancer centers emphasize supportive care, patients, survivors and their families benefit and health outcomes can even improve. In this issue of CURE®, we take you inside a facility dedicated to this kind of care — The Supportive Care Center at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.