Winter 2018 | CURE

Jill Biden Shares Her Story During Speech Honoring MPN Patient Advocates

February 28, 2018

People Report

She spoke of the power of one person and the difference it can make to a community, citing “our capacity to do what we can with what we’ve got; to become the leaders that we want to follow; to find the courage together to reach for what seems impossible, no matter who we are.”

Stars Shine at Multiple Myeloma Fundraiser

February 27, 2018

People Report

The annual Los Angeles event was launched 11 years ago in honor of Romano’s Everybody Loves Raymond costar, Peter Boyle, who died of the rare blood cancer multiple myeloma in 2006.

Exploring the Mind-Body Connection in Improving Patient Quality of Life

February 27, 2018

Editor's Page

We now have scientific proof from randomized trials that our state of mind, how we experience symptoms and our levels of depression and anxiety can all be helped through structured programs that include modalities such as meditation/mindfulness, relaxation, yoga and music therapy.

New and Old Strategies to Alleviate Side Effects Improve Physical, Emotional and Financial Well-Being

February 23, 2018

From the Chairman

SIDE EFFECTS, INCLUDING FINANCIAL toxicities, are an unpleasant fact of life for most people undergoing treatment for cancer, but that should not be the case. That’s why strategies for working through them lie at the heart of this issue of CURE.