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Our Family Hero

A family collaborated on this essay to nominate registered oncology nurse Susan DeVictor for CURE®’s 2019 Extraordinary Healer® Award.
BY Judy Fazenbaker, Michael Herbert, Jeanne Mowry, Rose Ernst, Betty Hall and Joseph Herbert
PUBLISHED June 30, 2019
It is a privilege for the family of Susan DeVictor, B.S.N., RN, OCN, to nominate her for the 2019 Extraordinary Healer® Award for Oncology Nursing. Sue (as she is nicknamed) is currently a hospice nurse liaison for hospital patients at Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus, Ohio. Sue received her RN license from Mount Carmel School of Nursing and her bachelor of science degree in nursing from Franklin University. She has worked with the Mount Carmel Health System for approximately 45 years. As a student at Mount Carmel, she was a ward clerk. After graduation, she steadily progressed to many nursing positions: floor staff, oncology, cancer research and in-home hospice care, as well as inpatient hospice. She has been awarded several Spirit Awards by cancer patients in the Mount Carmel Health System.

Sue received a diagnosis of polycythemia vera 22 years ago and, more recently, a diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer. She developed post-polycythemia vera myelofibrosis in the last year. Through all her diagnoses and health complications, she has been able to stay hopeful, helpful and loyal to her great passion for nursing. Sue’s joy in helping others through any ailments that may strike has aided so many lives, including those of our own family.

Two of Sue’s best qualities that truly stand out are her patience and her sincerity with her patients and their families going through any challenge. It is possible to come across an individual or family that may not be extremely cooperative, but Sue has a quality about her that is both trustworthy and heartfelt and helps ease anyone in distress. She is able to look at the bright side of any setting and transform a bad situation into a positive outcome, which is an extremely great quality to have as a nurse.

The younger family members have observed her career choices, and Sue has mentored several in their journeys into the medical field. Their chosen careers include nurse, physical therapist and doctor.

Sue is one of the most committed people we know. Even with her medical condition, whenever she is asked to fill in for a co-worker, she does. She makes sure that her peers can be home with their families when they are sick and strives to make everyone around her happy. During the past holiday season, one of her co-workers was scheduled to work Christmas Day but hoped to be home with family for the holiday. Without even thinking, Sue offered to take that person’s shift. Equally important to her nursing passion are the health and happiness of her family, a very important part of her life. When our mother suffered a stroke, Sue was there to give the family medical advice, but also was a great support emotionally. She offers her medical knowledge to provide guidance around our family’s doctor’s visits, MRIs, major health concerns and any health questions that arise. Additionally, for the past year, she has made her brother’s battle with stage 4 breast cancer a major priority.

Our sister is a caring advocate who is committed to the quality of patient care. Sue is a very hard worker who is respected by not only her co-workers — including nurses, doctors and other professional staff — but also by her loved ones. We are all so proud of her and grateful for the love, support and passion she brings to the world.

She is absolutely adored by all the children in our family and is usually referred to as “the favorite aunt.” All the love she receives from the kids is extremely well deserved.

We are very proud of our sister.
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