CURE® Extraordinary Healer® Vol. 16

Tuesday Persists Until All Patients With Cancer are Taken Care Of

May 20, 2022

The care received by our patients (with cancer) has been described as “exemplary,” an incredible achievement for an infusion center that was a revolving door for short-term travel nurses with little-to-no full-time staff to provide the continuity of care that oncology nurses are well-known and admired for.

One Nurse’s Devotion to Cancer Has Healed Many Patients

May 10, 2022

“I feel her strength, and because of Lorelei — the way she makes me feel comfortable and confident; the way she cares deeply for me, her other patients and colleagues; and her always professional attitude and manner — I realize that, like other obstacles, I will eventually be able to face this, too,” writes one nurse’s patient in an essay nominating her for CURE®’s 2022 Extraordinary Healer award.

An Angel to Patients With Cancer

May 09, 2022

As anyone who has sat at the bedside of a terminally ill patient knows, those who hold out a hand — literally or figuratively — to help a patient and their loved ones is a hero to them.

A Cancer Nurse Who Is One Part Detective, One Part Teacher

May 03, 2022

"You have to have compassion — the ability to put yourself in the patient or family’s shoes and know what they’re going through," said an oncology nurse who was a finalist for 2022 Extraordinary Healer® award.

A Quiet Hero for Patients With Cancer

April 29, 2022

Essay Winner

Not only have Margaret Campbell's, own patients benefited from her dedication, but so many patients in the United States and around the world have access to better treatments due to her contributions.