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Why Are Survivorship Care Plans Not Being Received?

May 12, 2018

From the Chairman

The transition into survivorship is no easy feat. Emotions are mixed, long-term and late side effects may kick in and follow-up care appointments start. But are survivors getting the best possible care after cancer treatment? That’s still up for debate.

Leading Cancer Centers Lack Availability of Sexual Aids

May 06, 2018


Despite awareness that many cancer survivors suffer from treatment-related sexual dysfunction, sexual aids and resources are not readily available to them — even at leading cancer centers throughout the United States.

High Percentage of Caregivers Report Feeling Depressed, Study Finds

May 05, 2018


Eighty-nine percent of caregivers of young adult colorectal cancer survivors are depressed because they can’t take the pain away, according to findings from the Raymond Foundation, an advocacy organization that aims to eradicate colon cancer.

Hypertension Risk in Colorectal Cancer Survivors

May 05, 2018


Survivors of colorectal cancer have a greater chance of hypertension (high blood pressure) and worse blood pressure control compared with people who do not have cancer, according to study findings.