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Diet and Exercise

Kristie L. Kahl
Tony Beasley has spent years in the MLB as a third-base coach for the Texas Rangers. Little did he know his competitive nature and critical thinking would come in to play in his fight against stage 2 colorectal cancer. Since, Beasley has teamed up with Fight CRC as part of their One Million Strong Campaign to help others do one thing: Develop a mentality to fight.
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
Do you believe in embracing a cancer-fighting diet?
Barbara Tako
Two-time cancer survivor discusses why sometimes she still has wine or cocktails.
Brielle Urciuoli
What happens when a 20-something finds a cancerous lump in her breast and is told to come back for a mammogram at the age of 40? For one group of CrossFit fanatics, it meant the launch of a nonprofit to raise money and spread awareness about breast cancer.
Brielle Urciuoli
Ultra-processed foods include items such as packaged bread products, sweet and savory packaged snacks, industrialized desserts, highly processed and/or preserved meat products, instant noodles and soups and other shelf-stable items, which usually have a high sugar, oil and/or fat content.
Katie Kosko
Adolescent cancer survivors can improve fitness, cognition and quality of life through increased physical activity, according to study findings presented ahead of the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO) Cancer Survivorship Symposium.
Brielle Urciuoli
Fatigue is a life-altering and often long-lasting effect that impacts many cancer survivors. And while there is currently no cure for the condition, recent research presented at the 2018 Cancer Survivorship Symposium found that exercise can have both short- and long-term benefits for patients dealing with fatigue.
Brielle Urciuoli
The mission of Barbells for Boobs is to mobilize and empower people to take action against breast cancer. The organization will help people – of all ages, and regardless of insurance status or type – to get screened by connecting them with resources in their area.
Bonnie Annis
A recent study points to a concerning ingredient in one of our most common foods. Could this potentially help the spread of cancer? 
Kristie L. Kahl
Because physical activity after diagnosis has proven to lower mortality rates in these patients, it is important to implement feasible and acceptable interventions after CRC diagnoses.

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