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Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic cancer may be one of the more difficult cancers to be diagnosed with. This program discusses the risk factors, symptoms, and different treatments available to patients with pancreatic cancer as well as firsthand experiences and advice from a Pancreatic patient and her husband.
Immunotherapy in GI Cancers: Who Gets It?
BY Gina Columbus
What role will immunotherapy play in the future treatment of GI cancers? CURE spoke to Brian Hemphill, M.D., to find out. 
Car T Cell Therapy Being Tested in Pancreatic Cancer
BY Beth Fand Incollingo
Experimental treatment uses engineered T cells to target prostate stem cell antigen.
Improving Survival in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer
A regimen without gemcitabine had promising survival rates for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer, according to a recent study.
A Promising Addition to Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
BY Wayne Kuznar
There were promising results when Abraxane was added to standard therapy to treat pancreatic cancer.
Five Questions With an Immunotherapy Expert
BY Katie Kosko
CURE spoke with Jason Luke, M.D., about some of the pressing topics in the field of immunotherapy.
An Aspirin a Day May Keep Pancreatic Cancer Away
BY Katie Kosko
A recent study found that taking asprin daily may reduce the chance of developing pancreatic cancer.
Leaving a Legacy: How Patients Launch Their Own Cancer Nonprofits
BY Stacy Verner
Faced with cancer, some launch nonprofit organizations designed to help fellow patients and their families. Here’s how they do it.
Nutrition's Role In Managing Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
BY Katie Kosko
Nutrition, though often overlooked, plays a key role in mitigating the symptom burden of patients with pancreatic cancer. 
Expert Anticipates Dramatic Advances in Pancreatic Cancer
BY Brielle Urciuoli
Murray Korc, M.D., of the IUPUI Pancreatic Cancer Signature Center, said that the future holds drastic changes for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.
Patients With Cancer and Their Providers Share Stories of Hope
BY Katie Kosko
Patients and providers shared inspiring stories of hope, as well as some tips for better living at the Seventh Annual Ruesch Center Symposium: Fighting a Smarter War on Cancer. 
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Pancreatic Cancer Treatment (PDQ®)
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