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Pancreatic Cancer

Featured Content
Pancreatic cancer may be one of the more difficult cancers to be diagnosed with. This program discusses the risk factors, symptoms, and different treatments available to patients with pancreatic cancer as well as firsthand experiences and advice from a Pancreatic patient and her husband.
William Ramshaw
There aren't many upsides to getting diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, except for the fact that I lost 100 pounds and now look good in skinny jeans.
William Ramshaw
Discussing the possibility of dying is an unfortunate reality for many patients with cancer and their loved ones, but it isn't a talk that should be avoided. In fact, it can lead to more healing and understanding.
Conor Killmurray
From U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg being released from the hospital after an infection related to treatment for pancreatic tumor to Alex Trebek giving an update on the treatment of his stage 4 pancreatic cancer just days ahead of his 80th birthday, here’s what’s making the headlines in the cancer space this week.
Bill Ramshaw
One cancer survivor looks at all the ways they might have gotten cancer, and wonders if any of those risk factors will factor into recurrence. 
William Ramshaw
Follow up appointments can be scary and nerve-racking for patients anticipating potentially bad, or confusing, news. However, one survivor details steps to help with anxiety around oncology follow up appointments. 
Lets Win! Pancreatic Cancer
The doctors and researchers at the Penn Pancreatic Cancer Research Center (Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania) examine different aspects of pancreatic cancer to find better treatments.
Lets Win! Pancreatic Cancer
John Sherry has had two surgeries for his pancreatic cancer, but he is feeling good now.
Lets Win! Pancreatic Cancer
Robert Weker used his previous experience with cancer to guide his treatment for pancreatic cancer, including whether to participate in a clinical trial.
Lets Win! Pancreatic Cancer
Rachel Moreno credits long-term survivor status to her choice to move to her son's in Michigan for treatment, where she found a doctor and a clinical trial.
Lets Win! Pancreatic Cancer
Oncology nurse Heather Hannon offers tips and suggestion about what's best to bring to treatment, so you have your chemotherapy infusions in comfort, and pass the time peacefully.

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