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Psychosocial Issues

Trevor Maxwell
On every cancer journey we need a strong support group to provide strength, acceptance and love —  for one patient with cancer their spouse stepped into that role and beyond.
Felicia Mitchell
Hair loss, a common side effect of some chemo drugs, affects us all in different ways. Yet when hair grows back differently, it becomes a reminder of the changes that come with a diagnosis of cancer.
Mike Hennessy Sr., Chairman and Founder
In the winter issue of CURE ® the cover story deals with how depression affects patients with cancer on their journey, but how it might be a symptom of the disease as well.
Martha Carlson
Words of courage from a friend who knows that "getting through" may not be the point.
Amy Paturel
It’s no surprise that patients with cancer might become depressed, but now researchers say depression could precede a diagnosis. Here’s what you should know about the link between these two conditions.
Doris Cardwell
Cancer, like many things in history, can be an unexpected landmark in our lives. With it can come crushing fear. If you feel that, even years after that moment in time, you are not alone.
Ryan Hamner
The story of a Bamba, a Granddaddy, a parachute man and the anticipation to get through another procedure. 
William Ramshaw
Steve Rubin
It's pretty clear that I have a lot of work ahead of me after years of devastation from cancer, but lately, I'm taking a new approach.
Jessica Skarzynski
We asked our audience about the impact social media has had on their cancer journey, here's what they had to say. 

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