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Psychosocial Issues

Jane Biehl, Ph.D.
Which is more important – research or imagination? Maybe they are equally vital in survivorship!
Bonnie Annis
Can a diagnosis of cancer affect a person in a positive way? One survivor seems to think so.
Brenda Denzler
Sometimes even a brief encounter with an empathetic medical student can have a powerful effect on a patient.
Jamie Aten, Ph.D.
Telling my three young daughters about my cancer diagnosis was the hardest conversation of my life. Here are some tips I learned that I hope will help you navigate the conversation no one is prepared to have.
Beth Fand Incollingo
In essays by patients and colleagues, three nurses were honored for their generosity and life-changing compassion.
Dana Stewart
The cancer journey can take you on a jagged road with too many twists and turns. It doesn't always have to be an emotional rollercoaster if you know how to walk it.
Samira Rajabi
For those of us living in the wake of a big diagnosis, how we define life, living and every day can be clouded by fear and misguided ideas of what it means to truly live. What I’ve learned is that life is not about what we are doing, but why and how we do what we have to for however long we get to be alive.
Jane Biehl, Ph.D.
We all need to know how to take care of ourselves, succeed in balancing our lives, have quality of life and not feel guilty!
Bonnie Annis
In a follow-up post, one survivor explores the use of CBD products and shares how they've helped manage her post-cancer pain.
Katie Kosko and Brielle Benyon
We've got a sneak peek at what’s inside CURE®'s Women’s Cancers issue.

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