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Side Effect Management

Alexandra Guadagno
From cancer-sniffing dogs to music therapy for pain, here’s what is making headlines in the cancer space this week.
Michelle Betancourt
Only three short months after getting breast implants I would experience such severe and crippling symptoms that nearly cost me my life. This in not just another unsatisfactory online review.
Jane Biehl, Ph.D.
The remarks posted by patients with cancer on the Internet can be skewed. Here are four tips to keep in mind when researching your condition and treatment options.
Tamera Anderson-Hanna
My tips and experience as a new acupuncture patient follow as a potential guide to getting beyond any fear of the procedure and potentially understanding the benefits of multiple sessions.
Bonnie Annis
Recently, I had my first experience with CBD oil and wrote a post about it on my blog. That was almost two months ago. Since that time, I’ve learned a lot more about using cannabidiol and the benefits associated with use. In this post, I’ll expound on the things I’ve learned through firsthand experience.
Andrew Smith
Is this relative of the coffee plant a safer alternative to opioids or a dangerous, unregulated drug?
Andrew Smith
Despite scant research regarding medical use of cannabis, strong popular sentiment is driving legalization of the flowering plant for therapeutic use.
Felicia Mitchell
Exercises specifically designed for breast cancer survivors are helpful after surgery and years out, if we remember to do them!
Debu Tripathy, M.D.
In this issue of CURE®, we tackle the controversial topic of medical cannabis.
Katie Kosko
Breast cancer survivors may find symptom relief through at-home acupressure, according to study findings.

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