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Doris Cardwell
Do parts of being in a pandemic feel familiar to you? Yet you have never been in one before? One cancer survivor suggests that's because those who have been on the cancer journey have experienced this before. 
Jane Biehl PhD
Many cancer survivors are sad because the body has betrayed them. But remembering there is more to strength than just physicality can help cancer survivors.
Felicia Mitchell
Surviving cancer teaches us emotional resilience, making even a frightening pandemic something we can decide we can navigate.
Jane Biehl PhD
Each one of us is unique and that includes our cancer journey. We cannot compare ourselves to anyone else!
Mike Verano
Purpose directs the energy outward, and when tied to a beneficent cause, the experience is that of being connected to a deeper source— worry for self becomes compassion for others.
Martha Carlson
Cancer alters the trajectory of your career, but it doesn't have to end it. Here are some ways to find resources that help patients and survivors alike find the next step of their careers. 
Jane Biehl PhD
A cancer survivor describes the comparison between coping with cancer and COVID-19. Much of it is the same.
Barbara Tako
Spring is still here, and the warmer weather can help you handle your cancer and COVID-19 related anxieties. 
Jane Biehl PhD
A survivor talks about leaving the gate open and racing out of it when diagnosed with cancer.

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