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Bonnie Annis
Many breast cancer survivors choose to adorn their chests with beautiful designs in an effort to camouflage unsightly scars. Could this practice be dangerous to their health? Read one survivor's viewpoint.
Kristie L. Kahl
A study, conducted at Penn State College of Medicine, demonstrated that patients with melanoma who received immunotherapy while also taking a specific type of beta blocker lived longer than those who received immunotherapy alone.
Doris Cardwell
Many people don't realize they are putting pressure on those walking though cancer to keep a good attitude. There are days we all need to be able to acknowledge that it can be difficult.
Dana Stewart
When we are in situations in which others will see our cancer scars, do we have to explain them or worry about what someone else thinks?
Bonnie Annis
A recurrence is always a possibility for any victim of cancer, but should survivors expect a recurrence? If so, how can they prepare for that possibility?
Khevin Barnes
A male breast cancer survivor offers some alternatives to stress.
Kathy LaTour

Those of us who had chemotherapy and/or radiation as part of our treatment have now been hit with another lovely late effect, if the results of a new study are accurate. We have the potential to age prematurely. 
Carolyn Choate
With wit and wisdom, Carolyn Choate recounts the resilience of cancer survivors everywhere to outwit the enemy within.
Brielle Urciuoli
Parts of the Northeast had a foot or more of snow last week. What should patients do when their scheduled cancer treatment falls in the middle of a snow storm?
Laura Yeager
Who knew surviving cancer would be a beauty secret?

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