‘Cancer Fashionista’ Discusses Finding Confidence During Cancer

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On this episode of the “Cancer Horizons” podcast, a woman with multiple myeloma shares how she made the best of her cancer treatment process by channeling her emotions through fashion expression.

As a devoted fashion lover from an early age, Donna McNutt has always been passionate about the art of dressing up to take on whatever the day may bring. And sometimes, the day brings a cancer diagnosis.

In this episode of the “Cancer Horizons” podcast, McNutt explains the genesis of her Instagram account, “Cancer Fashionista,” her love for fashion and how dressing for the day helps her get through the dark moments of cancer treatment.

“I dress for what the day is, what the night is and how I feel,” she said. “And I had to learn what that looked like with being in treatment. And, you know, sometimes I didn't really feel that good — I mean, not good at all. But I had to still go to an event or something. So it worked. It worked for me to get dressed.”

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