2021 Ambassador Feature - Gwendolyn D. Bryant

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Advocacy Groups | <b>Fight Colorectal Cancer</b>

Fight CRC had some questions for Gwendolyn about her experience as Fight CRC Ambassador.

Gwendolyn D. Bryant hails from Jacksonville, Florida. Fight CRC had some questions for Gwendolyn about her experience as Fight CRC Ambassador:

Q: What is your connection to CRC?

A: I am a family member of a patient.

Q: What does being a Fight CRC Ambassador mean to you?

A: Being a Fight CRC Ambassador means representing an organization that’s positive, caring, getting things done, and bringing awareness to millions. I LOVE FIGHT CRC!

Q: What compelled you to apply to be a Fight CRC Ambassador?

A: My daughter Tiffany Ortiz compelled me to apply to become a Fight CRC Ambassador because she began sharing her story, and Fight CRC was such a great open door to continue to share her story and help other families.

Q: What have you learned during your introductory Ambassador year?

A: I learned how important it is to share your story to help someone else.

Q: This year, our Ambassador stories reached millions! From being featured in Fight CRC communications, Times Square, and local media, your face has been everywhere. What was the most exciting part for you?

A: The most exciting part of this year for me was just being a part of this GREAT organization and reaching others, and being able to continue Tiffany’s legacy.

Q: What’s your FAVORITE thing about being an Ambassador?

A: Everything is my favorite part about being an Ambassador. I found that when you say you’re an Ambassador, it seems to open people’s eyes a little more about colon cancer and getting screened; knowing that you have been trained with information that could save their lives.

Q: Would you recommend getting involved with Fight CRC to others?

A: Yes! Because YOU (Fight CRC) care! My motto is: “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Fight CRC has shown on many levels how much you care and your passion for what you do.

Q: What motivates you to advocate for the CRC community?

A: I don’t want any other family to go through what our family went through during Tiffany’s fight with cancer: losing someone you love so much and so young. By bringing awareness to a community that it affects at a higher rate, I feel like I have accomplished saving at least one person.

Q: Do you feel your efforts are impactful?

A: Yes. There were so many doors God opened for me to share my daughter’s story. People actually scheduled colonoscopies and were more open with their physicians.

Q: What advice do you have for those who recently have been diagnosed or who have loved ones who recently have been diagnosed?

A: Love and support are vitally important during this time. There are so many emotions, but know the love and support are there, and that you don’t have to fight alone.

Q: How will you continue your efforts beyond the close of your introductory Ambassador year?

A: I don’t want my year to end! Is it possible to continue?

Fight CRC is grateful for the support of Gwendolyn and the 2020-2021 Fight CRC Ambassadors as they continue to serve as relentless champions of hope!