5 Groups of Helpers to Thank During COVID-19


With a COVID-19 vaccine shot on the way, here are 5 groups of people I, as a cancer survivor, want to thank.

I just got some joyful news: My first COVID-19 shot is coming up soon! I have been trying for over a month to get an appointment, but the supplies were slow in coming to my state. At age 72, and living with cancer for six years, I feel very vulnerable to this catastrophic disease.

But now, I’m hopeful again and it’s time to say thanks to those who’ve helped me along during this journey to the shot. Here are 5 helpers I want to give my appreciation to.

1. The Lifesavers

I’m sending a big shout-out to the scientific researchers who worked overtime and took no weekends off over these past several months to come up with the vaccines that will go into the arms of cancer survivors like me. This is only the first step on the road to normalcy, but an important one. The pharmaceutical industry, which often takes its lumps from the public, also deserves to take a bow.

And how about the army of vaccinators, the hospitals, the pharmacies, the schedulers, the truck drivers and others all working together to help restore my health and the health of the nation. What an amazing undertaking!

2. The Mask-Makers

Early on during the pandemic, ordinary citizens took to their sewing machines to make and donate countless masks. I will be forever grateful for their selfless acts. I proudly wear their creations for the sake of good health and to serve as a role model for others who may be more reticent to wear one.

3. The Virtual Huggers

A new brand of affection was born during this era: The virtual hug. I have given them and received them from family members, and fellow cancer support group members at Gilda’s Club. The novel coronavirus has wrought much grief and sorrow, but the loving spirits in my inner circle has replied with positive vibes. It is truly loved live-streamed!

4. The Patient Listeners

My cancer support groups meeting on Zoom are led by trained facilitators ready and willing to provide comfort, care and vital information to survive this health crisis. I can’t even imagine going through such trying times without these compassionate professionals. They lend an ear and offer sage advice.

5. The Delivery Community

In my little neck of the woods, delivery trucks bring everything from potting soil to bathroom plungers to stationery to protein snacks to our doorstep. Also, the postal workers have stepped up their game to deliver packages and mail to our home, putting their health on the line in the process. How can I ever thank them enough?

So, there you have, cancer peeps. Now it’s your turn:

Who’s on your thank-you list?!

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