6 Major Savings Opportunities for Cancer Survivors


Sometimes it pays to play the cancer card.

Cancer is friggin' hard enough, the treatment, the bills and a lot of stuff that comes after. However, there are plenty of organizations and companies out there doing their part to help out where they can.

Below are six websites that can help cancer patients/cancer survivors substantially in the financial arena. These companies and organizations offer everything from free video games to free urinary catheters.

Financial Aid For College

Not only can cancer wreck your health, mood and force you to put your life on hold, it can also wreck your bank account — and this can impact many young survivors' college plans. Thankfully, though, there are scholarships and grants available to young survivors who want to further their education by going to college. Visit Top10OnlineColleges.org to learn about 25 scholarships and grants for childhood cancer survivors. Cancer sucks, no doubt, but wouldn't it be kind of cool if in the end, you used cancer to enhance your noodle?

Urinary Catheters

Medicine, medical devices and medical equipment can cost a fortune when it comes to cancer. For those who have experienced prostate cancer (or other medical conditions), they can now get free catheter samples and help finding the best catheter for their needs. Also, if a patient chooses, they can let SummitXpress work out the details of insurance coverage, hassle-free.

Resume Reviews

Numerous studies have shown that employment can be harder for cancer survivors, for multiple reasons. So why not work with a job coach, for free, through CancerAndCareers.org who can guide you through the process of putting together a smashing resume that is sure to grab the attention of potential employers?


I have written about sites like Blink Health that offer customers great savings on medications, but there is also a great organization known as RxHope. They offer patient assistance for a wide range of medications. In some cases, patients may qualify to receive medication for free through RxHope. This can literally be a life-saver for many people who are going through cancer treatment and have very little income. Check out RxHope's website to view medications available.

The Re-Mission 2 Video Game

I just had to throw this one into the list, Re-Mission 2. I actually had the opportunity of being a part of the focus group for the first Re-Mission video game. Re-Mission 2 is a bona-fide kick-butt cancer annihilating experience, that not only educates young players about cancer and the body, but is actually really fun to play. Re-Mission 2 offers games such as: "Nanobot's Revenge," "Feeding Frenzy" and "Leukemia". Re-Mission 2 players take a journey through the body, while loaded with weaponry that includes chemotherapy, antibiotics and natural defenses, they have the opportunity to slay cancer along the way.

Extended Stay America

I've stayed at The Ronald McDonald House and Winn-Dixie Hope Lodge during my days of traveling for treatment, but did you know that Extended Stay America offers both free and discounted rooms for patients who are traveling for cancer treatment? To book a room, simply call. You can learn more about Extended Stay America's program for cancer patients.

Yes, cancer impacts everything in your life. It can zap your health while at the same time draining your energy and your funds, but luckily, there are plenty of people, corporations and organizations who want to help.

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