A Beautiful Soul: An Oncology Nurse with Love, Compassion and Knowledge

Extraordinary Healer®Extraordinary Healers Vol. 13
Volume 13
Issue 1

"People like Jeanette are unique, and special enough for me to make this commute, because she cares, and it has always shown," wrote Teresa Corso in her Extraordinary Healer® award nomination of Jeanette Beerck, RN.

I am sure you have received hundreds, if not thousands, of nominations; however, if you are a patient, as I am, you know how important your nurses are to you and that no other can compare.

My first nurse at my first chemo session was nothing short of an angel. At this location, there are about nine nurses, and if you have enough chemo, you will have each of them take care of you at some point.

But my first nurse, Jeanette Beerck, RN, was a true professional, offering wisdom, compassion, kindness and support. I thank God every day for her.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is scary and life-changing, and you need nurses around you who really care, not just because it’s their job but because that is how they are built — with a heart that is amazing.

Jeanette walked me through everything that was going to happen that first chemo day. From the minute I sat in the chair, she explained all the medicine and how I would feel before, during and after, as well as what to do when I got home, what meds to take, when to take them, what side effects I could expect and what would be considered a reason to call if something wasn’t right. She made sure I knew who to call, where to call and what info they would need.

Over the course of 16 rounds of chemo, we spent a lot of time together. She cared about me as a person and not just a patient, wanting to know what I liked to do, what I did for a living, who was in my family — everything!

My 24-year-old daughter came with me to every session, and the outpouring of care and concern for her gave me such peace. The staff could tell she was scared and that she and I are super-close, so they — especially Jeanette — treated my daughter with just as much love, compassion and knowledge as they did me.

Since my chemo and radiation were completed about six months ago, I moved from California to Nevada and found a new doctor. Within two visits, I knew no one would care for me and my family the same way I was treated at the office of Dr. Robert M. Carroll, M.D., by Jeanette, so I switched back. I now drive four hours each way to each appointment, because it matters. It matters who cares for you and how they care for you, and Jeanette is a beautiful soul.

People like Jeanette are unique, and special enough for me to make this commute, because she cares, and it has always shown.

Jeanette deserves this award, and I would be so honored and humbled if you selected her. She is selfless and kind and has a positive influence on all her patients, co-workers and the doctors.