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A Contagious Smile


Jeanne Marie Wheatley, B.S.N., RN, OCN "provides a constant source of strength for our team," wrote Colleen Tetzlaff, M.H.S., PA-C ."She always has a smile, and she maintains a positive and cheerful attitude at work at all times."

Jeanne Marie Wheatley, RN, OCN, truly represents the heart of Fox Chase Cancer Center. She is a knowledgeable and caring nurse, but it is her passion to always go the extra mile that makes

her exceptional. From the moment she meets a new patient, she makes sure that individual is warmly welcomed. She takes the time to share information about how our team works together and how to contact us. She also takes a thorough history and answers many questions. Often, our new patients can be nervous or anxious, but after meeting Jeanne Marie, they always feel more relaxed.

Jeanne Marie’s philosophy is to ease the emotional burden for patients and their families. She makes it a priority to ensure that patients are scheduled appropriately, things are done quickly and everything is followed up on. If there is a question or a problem, she will work until she finds a satisfying solution. It is not uncommon for Jeanne Marie to draw a patient’s blood herself rather than inconvenience the patient with a wait at the lab or wheel a patient to admission or an urgent radiologic test. She once personally delivered a prescription to a patient, claiming to be “in the neighborhood,” so the patient could start their pain medication sooner than if the prescription was mailed. Jeanne Marie always puts the patient first. She will come in early, stay late or rearrange her schedule to ensure that the needs of our patients are taken care of in a way that meets her high standards.

Jeanne Marie provides a constant source of strength for our team. She always has a smile, and she maintains a positive and cheerful attitude at work at all times. This is recognized not only by our team but also by all our patients and their family members. Many patients comment that, with Jeanne Marie, “the glass is always half full” and her smile is contagious. Her positive attitude uplifts our entire team. Jeanne Marie inspires us to care for patients with the highest level of compassion and understanding. She is a source of strength, hope and happiness, even on the toughest of days. She makes every day and every visit better for our patients and our team. Our clinic days are simply not the same if we don’t start off with Jeanne Marie’s smile and her motivational phrase: “Game on!”

From left: Colleen Tetzlaff, PA-C, and Jeanne Marie Wheatley, RN, OCN.

Photos by Konnor J Durante